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We understand that education facilities have unique security needs. From primary schools to universities, we offer a range of tailored security solutions to protect students, staff, and assets. We take pride in providing comprehensive security systems that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

With a CS Security Solutions tailored Fire & Security system, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Our team of experts are experienced in providing security solutions for a range of educational institutions. We offer services including access control systems, CCTV cameras, fire alarms, and alarm monitoring. Our tailored solutions are designed to be cost-effective, energy-efficient and easy to use, ensuring maximum protection for your education facility. At CS Security Solutions, we believe that a safe and secure learning environment is crucial for the success of any education facility.


Our services are customised to meet the unique needs of your institution, and our team of professionals work closely with you to assess your security needs and design a system that meets your requirements.

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Monitor pupils for antisocial behaviour

Intruder Alarm

Prevent trespassing and theft of property.

Access Control

Manage pupil and staff access.

Fire Alarms

Keep premises safe with automatic fire detection.

Lockdown Systems

Designed to restrict access to a school building or campus in the event of a threat or emergency situation.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Our remote monitoring services allow you to keep an eye on your industrial unit from anywhere, giving you peace of mind and round-the-clock protection.


university eductation security

Intruder alarm systems

Intruder alarms can be installed to detect and alert staff to any unauthorized access to the premises, providing an immediate response to potential security breaches.

Warehouse Access Control

Access control systems

Access control systems can be installed to restrict access to certain areas of the building, such as server rooms, laboratories, and administration offices, to authorized personnel only. This can help prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access to sensitive information.

CCTV Home Security

CCTV systems

CCTV systems can be installed to provide round-the-clock monitoring of the premises, allowing staff to quickly identify and respond to any suspicious activity or security breaches. They can also be used as a deterrent to potential intruders, making the premises less vulnerable to break-ins and theft.

Fire and Entry System

Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems can be installed to detect and alert staff to any potential fire hazards, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to prevent the spread of fire and ensure the safety of staff and students.

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Control Panel

A multi-award-winning control panel that delivers a quick, non-invasive fully wireless installation, full remote functions and the ability to wire in devices if required.

Magnetic Contacts

Device with two parts that notices the system when separated – ideal for use on windows, doors and hatches.

Advanced PIR Detection

Combines two detection technologies for enhanced protection covering a volumetric area – perfect for indoor spaces. with movement and body heat sensitivity

Shock Sensor

Detects vibrations on the surface it is a  xed to - suited to windows and other vulnerable entry points.

360º ceiling mounted PIR

Observes a circular area which ranges in diameter depending on height - ideal for protecting spaces where racking or objects would block a detector’s view.

Remote CS-Security App

Integrating video and intruder systems in one app to provide complete control over security.

Remote arming controls

Easy to pair and remove from the system, these can act as both an arming device and a portable panic button.

Proximity tags

Easy to add, edit and delete, these can be simultaneously used for arming, disarming and door access.

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