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CS Security Solutions Ltd have recently completed the installation of a IP CCTV system for a local Squash and Tennis club.

As a local reputable Security Systems provider, we were recently entrusted by a local Squash and Tennis club to upgrade their outdated CCTV system.

Upon discussing their needs, we soon realised that IP CCTV could not only improve on their existing system but it could provide them with much more than security…

The picture quality of the IP system is exceptional that, as well as providing faultless security imaging, the cameras are capable of live-streaming league matches from the courts direct to the large-screen TV in the bar/lounge area.  Even with objects in the picture moving as quickly as a squash ball, the images are crystal clear, enabling all club members to watch and enjoy these matches.

The system that we designed and installed included installation of a number of additional cameras throughout the club, bar and all squash courts.  One of the advantages of IP CCTV is its scalability, meaning further cameras can easily be added to the system at any point in the future should the club change, extend or remodel.

The wider field of vision provided by the IP cameras is not only perfect for watching matches but it also provides comprehensive surveillance.  The grounds and building can easily be monitored remotely by accessing the CCTV system from the mobile APP.  Should the Intruder alarm be triggered when the club is closed, any of the management team can login and watch real-time images to assess the situation before alerting the police if necessary.

The clubs management comment: “We are very pleased with the system, and delighted by CS Security Solutions professionalism“

This reliable, cost effective system met and exceeded the club’s expectations, giving them peace of mind and an extra dimension to the provision they’re able to offer their members.

Would you like to know what additional benefits IP CCTV could bring to your business? Have a chat with our experts – you may be surprised!

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